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Crossroads, Middletown cover Fabien Polair Crossroads, Middletown  2008

01. Settle Down  02. Shred Of Autumn  03. Tragi-Comic Girl  04. Everybody Knows  05. Caught In The Monotony  06. Teenage Years  07. Fallen Angels  08. Eternidad  09. People Move On  10. God Knows Why  11. Oklahoma #3  12. Early Morning Flight  13. A Thousand Harmonies  14. Voyage (To The Centre of Your Heart)

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Mastered by Jason Livermore at Sound Blasting Studios, CO, USA

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Circumstances of the Present World Fabien Polair Circumstances of the Present World

01. World Gone Daft  02. Abberhalis  03. 466 64  04. Force Feeding  05. Politics & Religions  06. LovEx  07. Nature on the Run
08. Media Stupid Fella  09. Boredom  10. The Show is Over

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All Songs by Fabien Polair

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Songs from the Andymen Songs From The Andymen

01. Hello Hello Hello  02. Spiral  03. Cool Sound From Hell  04. Fight Before You Fade  05. Heaven Ain't Fortune  06. Your Life Seems Great  07. Unsatisfied  08. Seawater Life  09. One Bomb A Second  10. B-Gone  11. The English Summer  12. In The Long Run  13. Show-Off   14. Where To Live & How